Why should you Go for the Chadar Trek NOW

It’s that time of the year again. The year ending pressure has long gone. The monsoons are slowly receding. The autumn is setting in. Its time that you are opening a incognito window, researching your next destination, away from the prying eyes of your manager. Well then its time for you to plan for the “Frozen River Trek” to earn some bragging points among your peers. Why the Chadar Trek, you say?! We say, why not!!

#Chadar_Trek is originally a ancient trade route of the Zanskari people which dates back to more than a 1000 years. You just have to be a part of this ancient legacy, at least once in your lifetime.

#Chadar_Trek makes you experience things which you never even had dreamt before. From a river that has been frozen to a complete waterfall that has frozen off, it’s an experience better felt than read. Though challenging, the biting cold is a thrilling experience nonetheless.

#Chadar_Trek is mostly through a closed canyon and offers spectacularly awesome and instagram worthy sceneries. If you are lucky you can also locate exotic wildlife species.

#Chadar_Trek is not actually a tough one. We are letting you in on a secret that has been guarded from you. The only challenges that you will face is the weather. The walk itself is mostly flat without much ascent and descent and requires absolutely no technical training.

#Chadar_Trek is packed with surprises – slippery sheet of ice, unusual campsites, occasional stays in caves and briskly-changing weather makes the trek, the most unique walk in the world.

#Chadar_Trek will take you out of your comfort zone, but it will be fun. You will be far off from civilization and will be cold most of the time. You will learn about the life away from technology and how it is to be at the mercy of nature. It is a humbling experience and imbues a deeper appreciation in you for your life of comfort and privileges back home.

#Chadar_Trek is going to die out soon. Last but definitely not the least reason to plan it #NOW. With the construction of the new road up to Padum, the Chadar Trek will lose its charm or worse may even stop forming. So if you want to strike off THE name from your trek checklist, this is the ripe time to do so.

The Chadar Trek is a thrilling experience and will change the way you look at life. An experience of a life time, the trek gives everyone their own story to tell.

To book the trek or for other info, visit: https://www.wetrekkers.com/treks/chadar-trek




An ardent traveller, this ex engineer has been a child of the mountains from early childhood. With the passion of mountaineering running in the veins, he has been instrumental in the operation and running of WeTrekkers. As a trek leader has successfully completed various batches at Roopkund, Hampta Pass, Bamsaru, Sandakphu, Pindari and many more.