Tips for amateur trekkers

  1. Choice of the trek

As a beginner, the trekker must prioritise to choose treks which are less strenuous in nature.  The tougher treks, meant for experienced and veteran treks, are quite hazardous for amateurs. Moreover, the true objective of the trail, i.e. enjoying the natural beauty of the trail, is quite impossible, if one is too engrossed in the effort of completing the trek.

  1. Season of the trek

 All trails are accessible only at specific seasons of the year. Besides, monsoons and winters are quite precarious for trekking. Its best to go for treks at the most favourable weathers.

  1. Medical Fitness

Being medically fit must be the foremost priority before going on a trek. A medical check up is mandatory, prior to the trek, so as to not face any difficulties while on the trek.

  1. Differentiate between expectation and reality

Trekking is quite different than tourism. You don’t get fancy accommodations and luxurious food. Rather you are exposed to nature. It’s advisable to be mentally prepared.

  1. Proper equipments

The factor, which can make or break a trekking, is equipments. It’s very essential to choose proper shoes, backpacks, tents and other equipments as they are the real life savers while on the trail

  1. Investment and budget

It’s quite easy to spend quite a lot on trekking equipments, tents, sleeping bags etc. But it’s wiser to show caution before spending a fortune and even renting equipments can be considered

  1. Breaking in the shoe and walking with backpack

It’s better to practise walking with the backpack, before hand the trekking as it requires getting used to. It is also advisable to break in the shoe in case of a new one, to avoid blisters while walking on the trail.

  1. Physical fitness

 Trekking may be quite demanding and ardours. So having an active life style and engaging in light physical activities like walking and jogging always helps. And also while on trek, one should understand his or her limitations and walk accordingly taking breaks.




An ardent traveller, this ex engineer has been a child of the mountains from early childhood. With the passion of mountaineering running in the veins, he has been instrumental in the operation and running of WeTrekkers. As a trek leader has successfully completed various batches at Roopkund, Hampta Pass, Bamsaru, Sandakphu, Pindari and many more.