Please read carefully the following Terms & Conditions before registering for the trek.

1. The trek fee includes all costs of the trek from the start at Pokhara to the end of the trek at Pokhara.

2. Pick up: Trekkers are picked up from Pokhara before 12:00 noon.

3. Backpack offloading: Wetrekkers expects trekkers to carry their own backpacks -- which contains clothes, warm gears, toilet kits etc. Camping gears like tents/sleeping bags is carried by Wetrekkers support team. If for some reason you do not want to carry your backpack, you can offload the same by paying an additional charge.

Backpack offloading charge for the entire trek duration is Rs 4,725/- (inclusive of GST at 5%). Partial offloading is not allowed. Charges vary for offloading on arrival at the base camp. Also, offloading on arrival may be refused if sufficient man/animal power is not available. Your offloaded backpack cannot weigh more than 9 kgs.

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