Terms & Conditions

Transport is arranged by Wetrekkers according to the Itinerary.

A high altitude trek in the Himalayas requires considerable fitness. Your body needs to train itself to process more work with lower levels of oxygen. Therefore, on treks, cardiovascular training is critically important. You need to be able to jog a distance of 4.5 km in 30 minutes before start of the trek. Unable to do so can make your trek difficult. In addition, preparation of trek needs to include strength and flexibility training. Registering for the trek is an understanding that you will undertake the mandated fitness training.

If there is a medical emergency on the trek, your trek leaders are trained to handle crisis, especially related to altitude and medical emergencies. Wetrekkers team carries high altitude emergency equipment, oxygen, and other emergency medical kits. If, however, evacuation is required, it is carried out by the Wetrekkers team. The affected participant is moved down to the nearest emergency medical centre as soon as possible. This can take time, even 2-3 days, especially from high camps. Medical expenses, if required, at the medical centre are to be borne by the participant.  

Wetrekkers expects all trekkers to carry their own backpacks. If for some reason a trekker is unable to carry his or her backpack, he/she can offload the backpack to the Wetrekkers team by paying a charge of Rs 400 per backpack per day. The offloaded backpack cannot weigh more than 7kgs. This money has to be paid at least 3 days in advance before the start of the trek. If a trekker decides to offload the backpack after reaching base camp the cost of offloading the backpack is Rs 600 per backpack per day (last moment arrangements are difficult and expensive). NOTE: There are no part payments. The amount to be paid for backpack offloading is for the entire duration of the trek.  

If a trek is called off at the last moment due to a natural calamity or any factors beyond our control (like rain, earthquake, landslides etc) or manmade issues (strikes/curfews/bans), Wetrekkers understands. We will issue a Trek Voucher. The voucher can be redeemed by you to do the trek again during the next trek in the next one year. We understand the value of your money.  
While on the trek, if for some reason a participant has to back out on any day (reason:- tiredness, fatigue or symptoms of altitude, etc) then Wetrekkers will make arrangements for his/her return to the nearest road head however transportation or stay cost has to be borne by the trekker.

If for some reason a person does not turn up for the trek without intimation, it is seen as a cancellation (Example, due to miss of a flight/train). No refund of money is done.



The DECISION of the Trek leader is binding on all participants on matters that affect the safety or well -being of any person participating in the trek. Behaviour that causes danger, distress or annoyance to others, or interferes with the mobility of t he group can result in the Trek leader terminating your participation from the trek, with no right to refund for missed or unused services. On-trip you are required to behave in a manner that is acceptable and conducive to group travel.