Top Reasons To Travel with Us


Safety is the top priority


For any WeTrekkers Adventures, safety is the top priority. Before each trek & expedition starts, we thoroughly prepare the necessary equipment and create alternate plans in case of emergency. We work closely with our clients and offer them reliable, experienced, well-trained professionals. The safety of our guest is our highest concern.

All trekking tours implement a backup strategy of keeping duplicate tour details, schedules, guest lists, and route plans with a reliable and experienced person at the nearest base town/village. If a tour is unexpectedly delayed or weather conditions turn unfavorable the trusted individual will begin to enact support procedures.

Comprehensive medical kits are vital inclusions on all expeditions we conduct. In the case of unexpected events or emergencies we have compact kits that are quickly and easily accessible when needed.

We actively use, educate, and promote technologies & practices that will improve safety while trekking with us. We take pride in the high caliber of skills we have attained through many years of experience. Himalayan High Adventures ensures that all guests that trek with us will feel confident and comfortable under our guidance.


Equipment is the foundation


Every piece of equipment used on our trips is company owned. We can assure you of its reliability and suitability. We utilize a strong collection of quality equipment from internationally well known brands and each piece is closely inspected before and after each expedition. Through our uncompromising dedication to quality and extreme emphasis on inspection and maintenance, we can ensure that every piece of equipment is in top performing condition at all times.

Our attention to equipment excellence for safety also transfers to considerations of comfort for our guests. With WeTrekkers all trips utilize a mess tent and kitchen setup. This affords our guests a comfortable dining experience on wilderness trips even in adverse weather. Kitchen/Dining Facilities include water dispensers, tables, canteens, required cookware, and water filters, etc. One the trail sleep is important. WeTrekkers offers sleeping bags and rubber sleeping mats as needed. Waterproof 2-3 Man dome tents are also available.

Extra equipment such as Waikie-Taikies, binoculars, and touch GPS sets and search lights are also available.

We don’t comprise on meals

Good nutritious meals are the keys to a successful tour. Our guests enjoy excellent meals that are prepared by an experienced cook in clean and hygienic manner. Prior to departure we discuss food preferences and allergies with our guests and also consider expedition intensity before preparing menus.

  What we do

    Prepare meals fresh with high-quality ingredients

    Use packaged food as a backup

    Procure fruits, vegetables and other perishable products locally to ensure freshness

    Screen all packaged food for expiry

    Provide tented toilet arrangements(dry pit arrangement fitted with a folding toilet seat)


The environment is not forgotten


WeTrekkers practices eco-friendly tourism. We place an emphasis on helping our guests create lifelong memories without leaving a negative impact on the wonderful natural environments that they visit. Preserving the beautiful natural locations we travel to is a culture instilled in all of our staff and the local people of the places we visit. We of course lead by example, and have established a guideline which will be followed strictly. We hope to help our guests to understand this way of tourism.

New Treks, New Text will change

Wetrekkers has been instrumental in bringing out great treks in India — be it the Kashmir Great Lakes trek, The Rupin Pass, The Buran Ghati, The Roopkund or any of them listed on our website.

New Treks, New Text will change

Wetrekkers has been instrumental in bringing out great treks in India — be it the Kashmir Great Lakes trek, The Rupin Pass, The Buran Ghati, The Roopkund or any of them listed on our website.

New Treks, New Text will change

Wetrekkers has been instrumental in bringing out great treks in India — be it the Kashmir Great Lakes trek, The Rupin Pass, The Buran Ghati, The Roopkund or any of them listed on our website.

  • I couldnt miss my ammi as the trek leader was not a bit less than her! Could take care of every little thing very keenly. Never could imagine a trek with such a perfect arrangements and the specially the yummy yummy food surprises. Looking forward to more treks with you. keep it up guys!

    Arunav, Odisha
  • This time it was the most awaited "the mystery lake", and as always a great idea to go with wetrekkers, i decieded to pack my bags again. Thanks a million tons, Its was almost impossible to reach the Junargali Top but the Team, the trek leader and the crew members made it possible . There were other individual n different company's team too, on return could learn that many couldnt make it to the distinct Junargali top, I felt it so right to choose wetrekkers as my trek partners.

    Manti, Bangalore
  • Though i hvnt got d chance to b part of their team, but i can assure ever1 dey r best in their profile. I met them during my roopkund trek.. I was wid anothr grp. One of my frnd nd I was struglng wid d walk nd dey came forward to help us. They actly inspired us to complt d trek, telling us stories abt d plc, guiding us nd even dey shared their food wid us inspite of v being from another grp. If dey r soo good to d strangers, I am sure they r best wid their own team. Kip travelling

    Nibedita Gaunia, Bangalore
  • great experience as a first timer at roopkund trek with wetrekkers. they provided excellent guide, food and helped us with every possible way. they became like our family members. i will definately plan my next trip with them.

    Abhishek Das, Kolkata
  • 'Here is what's in store for you : Totally chilled out and fun people with good enough experience to guide you through those tricky heights at the same time giving you your space. Expect great food plans, fun and a lot of warmth. Good people to trek with

    Himanshu Singh, Mumbai
  • The Roopkund expedition is not just a story of travel but a journey to taste the explorer inside us.Thanks to WeTrekkers as they provided the glimpses which i have always dreamt. It is indeed a lifelong experience that will remain intact down my memory lane. Thanks to Suchetan da,our team wouldn't be possible without you! Sudeepa di you are too cute and caring and captain tanmay da you were a bit harsh,like a father to a son! love you all. I suggest the aspiring trekkers who willing to summit Roopkund,get in touch with team WeTrekkers. The can provide your all necessities what any other groups can't!

    Mainak Chattopadhyay, Kolkata
  • Wetrekkers is the best agency to trek with,they were very first trek to roopkund was successful because of them.i recommend you to trek with them.

    Krishnendu Bhowmik, Kolkata